Care Info

How to care for your Dolls & Precautions:

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Lint brush is great for touchups to get the fuzzies off. For stains, it's best to just spot wash with a gentle washcloth and air dry. 


You can put the doll in the washer, but on GENTLE CYCLE, and cold water. 




Please NOT NOT PUT THE DOLL IN THE DRYER or use a hair dryer on it. The doll is made from synthetic materials and could be damaged by heat. 


Fluff up the hair again by combing with your fingers occasionally as it dries, and run a lint brush over it once it's dry. 


PRECAUTIONS: The magnetic pacifier option is not recommended for infants. Recommended for 3 years and up. If you do decide to gift a newborn doll to a baby, please do not request the magnetic pacifier. If this option is chosen, the Doll's Face will have a small rare earth magnet inside the mouth area. These are DANGEROUS if swallowed. It is behind two layers, the head is very well stuffed, and the seams are double-stitched. The magnet will not come out, unless the doll head is damaged. If the doll is ever damaged, regardless of age of dolls owner, remove it from play immediately, and contact me for repairs. 


The Pacifier contains a small rare earth magnet that is permanently sealed inside, and will not come out unless the pacifier is broken. If the pacifier breaks, or even gets a chip, discard it immediately. 


The head, arms, legs, and inside the torso, all contain plastic doll joints. They are well-secured, super strong and should not come apart unless cut (or chewed by a pet). If any part of the doll is damaged or developes a hole, remove the doll from play immediately, and contact me for repairs. 


The torso in some dolls may contain a nylon or knit bag of small plastic pellets for added weight, if requested. These can be dangerous if swallowed but are non-toxic. Do NOT request them if this doll is for an infant or young toddler. 


The torso is made from knit fabric and is lined with a thick fleece, and the opening is triple-stitched by hand. If the doll torso is torn, please inspect thoroughly for safety. 

If you are concerned at all about your doll being damaged and not safe, please contact me.


ALWAYS SUPERVISE play around small toddlers and infants, and especially if there are pets in the house. Inspect the doll and magnet regularly for any signs of wear.