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Cora & Lilly

Keepsake Swaddle Dolls

Keepsake Swaddle Dolls

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Keepsake swaddle dolls are unique because they are made from a loved ones item and personalized just for you to create a cherished item. 

Once this keepsake doll is purchased you will receive an email with an address to send the blanket or loved ones clothing to within 24 hours. The customer who purchased the listing is responsible for shipping the clothing/blanket directly to me to fulfill the keepsake order. Please add tracking to ALL packages sent to me so that we can both track in case something goes missing.

Please include ALL information in the package along with your order number and what is to be used and your vision. You may also email this information to me just to be sure I received it. 

Please allow up to 28 business days from the time your clothing/blanket is received to ship this order to you.

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